iPhone users have just discovered a hidden trick that will enable their handset speaker to play music at higher volumes – and all it takes it a few taps.

The 'hack' involves tinkering with the phone's audio equalisation settings, which are tucked away in the iOS 'music' menu and choosing the Late Night mode to make music and movies sound louder. To do this you'll need to be playing music at the time and then go to Settings > Music > scroll down to EQ > select Late Night from the options list.

The EQ setting is turned off by default, but it has a number of settings that adjust everything from bass to treble to suit the listener's preference or type of audio.

Here, Late Night mode boosts the volume of quieter parts of tracks or movies to make it sound louder and clearer.

Despite the iPhone trick being known among many iPhone owners for years, social media lit up in amazement after it was posted on Twitter by user TheBae. Along with instructions on how to do it, the user said "you can thank meh later".

Since it was posted on 7 August it has been liked 175,000 times and retweeted nearly 85,000 times (at time of writing). Some shared gifs to express their delight and some claimed that after owning iPhones for years, they're still discovering new tricks.

Others, meanwhile, were less impressed, claiming to not notice much difference in volume or that they've known about the trick for a long time.

The trick isn't new but it's handy for iPhone users to be reminded of an option to boost their audio if they're struggling to hear in places with ambient noise. Don't expect to be blown away with a face-melting increase in volume, but the subtle tweak is noticeable, particularly when streaming TV shows or movies with lots of dialogue.

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