Simon Cowell
Lauren Silverman Told Husband She Was Visiting Her Mother While Seeing Cowell/Reuters Reuters

American socialite Lauren Silverman, who is caught in the middle of a storm after revealing an affair with Britain's Got Talent (BGT) chief Simon Cowell has left her pregnant, reportedly used her mother, Carole Saland, as decoy to fool her estranged husband.

According to sources, the 36-year-old mother-of-one, told Andrew Silverman she was visiting her mother whenever she was meeting Cowell. The relationship with the 53-year-old media mogul is believed to have gone on for two years.

"At the same time she was telling Andrew they should give their relationship another try, possibly to take them over the ten-year mark," the source told the New York Post. It appears Lauren's reference to the ten-year mark involved a clause in her pre-nuptial agreement with Silverman.

Her mother replied to the reports by claiming no such agreement existed between the two of them and defended her daughter, saying she neither asked for nor wanted any child support money from Cowell.

"Lauren isn't a gold-digger. She's a nice girl from Miami Beach. Her marriage was not a marriage made in heaven and life goes on, people go on. Her and Simon are very fond of each other. She tells me great things about him and has always spoken very highly of him," she explained.

Meanwhile, a member of Lauren Silverman's legal team, Bernard E Clair, has asked for privacy for his client at this time. The high-profile attorney also hit out at "cheap shots" aimed at discrediting his client's reputation.

"These cheap shots aimed at Lauren and her family by people who believe they are supporting Andrew serve only to sabotage ongoing efforts to settle this matter. We and Lauren continue to be committed to resolving this matter privately and amicably," Clair stated.

Silverman has filed for an at-fault divorce in a Manhattan court, naming his wife and Cowell as offending parties. He said: "My top priority is protecting my seven-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife. Hopefully people can respect the interest of our child during this process."