X Factor judge Louis Walsh believes Simon Cowell has begun planning for his wedding to American socialite Lauren Silverman. According to the 61-year-old Walsh, Lauren, 36, has had a wonderfully positive impact on Cowell's life.

"He's [Cowell] fantastic on the show [X Factor] because he makes everyone work hard. But he's got to fit in looking after a baby now - and maybe getting married. [Lauren]'s a great influence on his life - very positive and bubbly. She seems to have got the fun back into his life. They are like two teenagers dating. I love Lauren," Walsh stated.

Meanwhile, Cowell, 53, is equally lavish in his praise for Lauren and her baby; the American socialite is believed to be 12 weeks pregnant with Cowell's child.

"Once it's happened [becoming a father], you feel completely different. Once I heard the news about the baby - little bit of a shock, then I got used to it. Then I became incredibly paternal and protective and I feel very attached to the baby already. The fact that it can happen at this time of my life is fantastic, maybe a miracle," Cowell stressed.

Another X Factor judge, singer Nicole Scherzinger, has also offered her congratulations on Cowell becoming a father, saying: "I would like to congratulate him on the good news. I think he's gonna be a good father. And he'll probably have a nation of nannies to help."

Scherzinger, Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Gary Barlow will return with series 10 of X Factor, which premieres on Saturday evening at 8pm BST on ITV 1.