MetaQuotes Software Corp has completed successful certification of its MetaTrader 5 trading platform by one of Asia's leading stock markets - the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX). The platform has met all the technical requirements of the SMX and has been granted ISV status (independent software vendor) by the exchange.

A special gateway connecting MetaTrader 5 to the exchange allows brokers to provide services to their traders, using a wide range of tools for technical analysis. Trading, technical analysis of quotes, and automated trading are integral parts of the trading platform.

With its powerful trading functionality, the MetaTrader 5 mobile trading platform is the result of years of experience in software development and is an important step for MetaQuotes Software Corp, one of the most popular forex trading platforms. SMX traders will be the first to evaluate the advantages of MetaTrader 5 in their daily activities.

"It is not our last step in this direction," Eric Lee, the head of our Asia-Pacific office, said. "We have successfully created a high-quality product that meets all the requirements of the Singapore Mercantile Exchange. But we will continue our efforts to offer even more opportunities in our platform."

MetaQuotes' developers say that the list of supported stock exchanges will be extended this year. Support of two more global exchanges will be introduced soon.

The company has been in the business of developing software applications for financial markets over the last decade and says it provides one of the best forex trading software packages. MetaTrader 5 provides features for trading not only on the forex market but also on stock exchanges.