Singapore Skyline
Singapore to review its benefits policy for unwed mothers. Reuters

Singapore's Social and Family Development Ministry has promised to review its policy that currently prevents unwed mothers from getting access to benefits available to married ones.

Currently, unwed mothers are not entitled to housing and tax reliefs like the qualifying child relief, working mother child relief and the grandparent caregiver relief, ChannelNews Asia reports.

Under the government's housing body, the Housing and Development Board, an unwed mother and her child are not considered a family nucleus and as such do not qualify for a new three room flat.

An unwed 40 year old woman told the TV station that what she is seeking is relatively basic – a two bedroom flat for her son and herself.

"I can't live with my child in a one-bedroom flat. Why would I want to share a room with my son? I mean, when he's younger it's fine but when he is older, I'm sure he would want his own room," she said.

The Association of Women for Action and Research welcomed the move, saying unwed mothers should not be excluded from any benefits and in fact should receive even more support from the government.

MP Kuik Shiao-Yin said the review of the policy is encouraging, noting that children of single unwed mothers can now start off on the same footing as children of married mothers.

The policy review is expected to be completed before the Budget 2016 announcement, it said.