Sister Wives season 6 Premiere live streaming: Who is the fifth woman in the Brown family?
Kody Brown with his four wives in the hit TLC family reality show. Sister Wives/ Facebook

Sister Wives, the American reality TV series, returns Saturday night on TLC with another new episode which will feature the Brown family meeting another polygamist family, the Colliers from Lockwood.

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TLC's family reality show follows the life of Kody Brown, a polygamist who lives with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and their 17 children.

In the premiere episode, Meri was seen not mingling with Kody's other wives and later opens up about not fitting in the family any more.

"I'm happy on the good days and when Kody shows love and affection, but on a bad day, I question my importance to the family and if Kody still cares about me," she said during the episode.

In the upcoming episode, the family will meet Nathan Collier and his two wives Christine, and Vicki who lives in Lockwood.

Nathan shares the same view as that of Kody and believes that the controversial TLC show has paved the way for happy and functional polygamist families to be accepted, KTVQ reported.

"What Sister Wives has done is they've paved the way for happy, functional families like ours to step forward, to come out of the shadows," Nathan told the website.

"It's hard to appreciate until you've been there, how demoralizing, how degrading it is to feel like you have to hide your family," he added.

The family patriarch also added that he shares a unique bond with each of his wives. "I have a distinctly different marriage with Vicki than my marriage with Christine. Both women are equal, both are valued, both are cherished, but they're distinctly different, and you have to work on each relationship."

Sister Wives season 5 new episode will air on Sundays at 9 pm EST on TLC.