Sister Wives season 6 Premiere live streaming: Who is the fifth woman in the Brown family?
Kody Brown with his four wives in the hit TLC family reality show Sister Wives/ Facebook

Sister Wives is all set to return on TLC tonight, 4 January, after its winter break and there are rumours that a fifth woman will be entering the Brown house. Speculations are high that the mysterious woman could be Kody Brown's fifth wife.

Sister Wives season 5 premiere episode will be a two-hour special.

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While fans may be in shock with the news that Kody may welcome a fifth wife, TLC has not commented on the rumours.

In the last season, the Brown patriarch revealed that he is not interested in adding another wife to his already complicated married life.

"I really don't think so, that's not in my stars," he said in season 4 of Sister Wives.

"It's a fair question, however I'm really, I talked earlier about how it is to have all my wives sort of say, 'Hey I miss you, I feel like I'm getting cheated on time.' We are good then, if nobody is really feeling like we have this huge abundance of time, I think we have met our capacity and we are going to stay with it the way it is," Brown said.

Sister Wives documents the life of polygamist Kody Brown, who lives with four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and their 17 children.

The coming season will see daughters Mykelti and Madison preparing to graduate high school, while the sister wives continue to pursue their business ventures, reports Reality TV World.

Enstarz suspects that if the mysterious woman in the Brown family is not Kody's new wife, than it might be a therapist hired for the four wives who are morally low.

Meri has already opened up about "not fitting in" and that things are "no more fun" for her, in the previous season.

Another rumour suggests that the mystery woman might be Kody's mother and may enter the Brown's Las Vegas house.

A surrogate mother's entry to the house is also creating buzz among fans.