Skyrim is back with a brand new coat of shiny high definition "Special Edition" paint, and that includes the same console commands/cheats codes available in the original game.

While Xbox One and PS4 owners will also be returning to Tamriel on masse, PC players get the added bonus of fiddling around not only a swathe of pre-existing mods, but also the huge amount of game-breaking cheat codes.

Whether you fancy elevating the Dragonborn to invincible Godhood, unlock or level up a perk in seconds, or just mess around in NoClip mode, a quick tap of the ~ (tilde) key will bring up the command console and open a gateway to the same cheats found in the original release of Elder Scrolls 5.

Without further ado, here are the most useful commands with the best weapon, armour and artificial ID codes below:

Skyrim: Special Edition - Console Commands

tgm - God Mode (Infinite health, magicka, and stamina. Carry weight nullified).

tim - Immortal Mode (take damage but never die)

tcl - Turn NoClip mode on / off.

tai - Toggle all NPC AI on / off.

tcai - Toggle NPC combat AI on / off.

kill - Kills non-essential targets.

killall - Kill all non-essential NPCs in immediate area.

tmm 1 - Show all markers on map.

unlock - Unlock selected door / chest.

tfc - Enable free-roaming ('freefly') camera.

tm — Toggles menus and UI on and off. Also blocks the console - press ~ (tilde) and type tm again to bring it back.

setscale [number from 1 to 10] — Alters size of target object.

sexchange — Change your target NPC or player character's gender.

tdetect — AI will no longer detect you. Does not effect pick-pocketing detection.

player.additem [item code] [#] - Add selected number of items to your inventory. Item code list below - for gold use [0000000F].

player.addperk [perk code] - Unlock selected perk (full perk code list here).

addshout [shout code] - Unlock selected shout (full shout code list here).

player.addspell [spell code] - Add selected spell (full magic code list here).

IncPCS [skill name] - Increase designated skill by one stage.

player.placeatme [object code] - Spawn an item or NPC nearby.

player.resethealth - Restore all player health.

getlevel - Shows level of the target NPC or foe.

ressurect [#] - Revive dead NPC target (add [1] to also restore inventory).

setessential [object code] [#] - Make NPC mortal [0] or immortal [1].

movetoqt [quest code] - Warp to quest location/target (showquesttargets will reveal Quest IDs).

Skyrim: Special Edition - Weapon ID Codes


Blade of Woe - 0009CCDC

Daedric Dagger - 000139B6

Mehrunes' Razor - 000240D2

Valdyr's Lucky Dagger - 000B994E


Daedric Sword - 000139B9

Windshear - 0006EA8B

Chillrend (46+) - 000F8318

Dragonbone Sword - XX014FCE

Nightingale Blade (46+) - 000F6527

Miraak's Sword (60+) - XX039FB4

Dawnbreaker - 0004E4EE

Dragonbane (46+) - 000F71D0

Ghostblate - 00094A2B

Axes, Maces and Warhammers:

Mace of Molag Bal - 000233E3

Daedric Mace - 000139B8

Daedric Warhammer - 000139BA

Dragonbone Warhammer - XX014FD0

Volendrung - 0002ACD2

Daedric War Axe - 000139B3

Dragonbone War Axe - XX014FCF

Stalhrim War Axe - XX01CDB9

Daedric Battleaxe - 000139B4

Dragonbone Battleaxe - 02014FC3

Stalhrim Battleaxe - XX01CDB8

Wuuthrad - 000956B5


Wabbajack - 9B2B2

Skull of Corruption - 00035066

Sanguine Rose - 0001CB36

Miraak's Staff - XX039FA6

Bows / Arrows:

Daedric Bow - 000139B5

Dragonbone Bow - XX0176F1

Auriel's Bow - XX000800

Zephyr - XX00CFB6

Nightingale Bow - 000F652C

Daedric Arrow - 000139C0

Dragonbone Arrow - XX0176F4

Skyrim: Special Edition - Armour/Shield ID Codes

Daedric Armor set:

Daedric Armor - 0001396B

Daedric Boots - 0001396A

Daedric Gauntlets - 0001396C

Daedric Helmet - 0001396D

Daedric Shield - 0001396D

Bonemold Armor (Improved) set:

Improved Bonemold Armor - XX03AB26

Improved Bonemold Boots - XX03AB25

Improved Bonemold Gauntlets - XX03AB22

Improved Bonemold Helmet - XX03AB23

Improved Bonemold Shield - XX03AB24

Dragonplate Armor set:

Dragonplate Armor - 00013966

Dragonplate Boots - 00013965

Dragonplate Gauntlets - 00013967

Dragonplate Helmet - 00013969

Dragonplate Shield - 00013968

Dragonscale Armor set:

Dragonscale Armor - 0001393E

Dragonscale Boots - 0001393D

Dragonscale Gauntlets - 0001393F

Dragonscale Helmet - 00013940

Dragonscale Shield - 00013941

Stalhrim Light Armor set:

Stalhrim Light Armor - XX01CDA2

Stalhrim Light Boots - XX01CD7E

Stalhrim Light Bracers - XX01CDA5

Stalhrim Light Helmet - XX01CDA3

Stalhrim Shield - XX026237

Nightingale Armor set (32+):

Nightingale Armor - 000FCC0F

Nightingale Boots - 000FCC0D

Nightingale Gloves - 000FCC11

Nightingale Hood - 000FCC12

Deathbrand Armor set:

Deathbrand Armor - XX02401B

Deathbrand Boots - XX02401A

Deathbrand Gauntlets - XX02401C

Deathbrand Helm - XX02401D

Guild Master's Armor set:

Guild Master's Armor - 000D3ACC

Guild Master's Boots - 000D3ACB

Guild Master's Gloves - 000D3ACD

Guild Master's Hood - 000D3ACE

Skyrim: Special Edition - All Daedric Artifact ID Codes

Azura's Star - 00063B27

The Black Star - 00063B29

Savior's Hide - 0002AC61

Dawnbreaker - 0004E4EE

Ebony Blade - 0004A38F

Mace of Molag Bal - 000233E3

Masque of Clavicus Vile - 000D2846

Mehrunes' Razor - 000240D2

Oghma Infinium - 0001A332

Ring of Namira - 0002C37B

Sanguine Rose - 0001CB36

Skeleton Key - 0003A070

Skull of Corruption - 00035066

Spellbreaker - 00045F96

Volendrung - 0002ACD2

Wabbajack - 0002AC6F

...and just in case:

Daedra Heart - 0003AD5B

Credit to the Elder Scrolls Wikia for compiling all the hundreds of command and ID codes codes - you can find the rest here.

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