Sleepy Hollow season 3
Jenny will confront a former enemy in order to save her sister in Sleepy Hollow season 3 episode 9 Fox networks

After a break of more than two months, Sleepy Hollow season 3 returns with episode 9 titled One Life. The episode will air on 5 February on Fox networks at 8:00PM ET/PT in the US. In the midseason premiere, Ichabod Crane and Jenny (Jennifer Mills) will try to find Abbie, who sacrificed herself in episode 8 to save her sister.

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Apart from finding the lost FBI agent, the team will also have to deal with another dangerous creature — the Weeping Lady. The social networking page of the popular Fox thriller hinted at the arrival of the creepy looking woman, who is coming to the show only to spell more trouble for Ichabod, Joe Corbin and Jenny.

"They've been searching. We get to see these three characters really dealing with Abbie's disappearance in different ways. Basically all of their time has been taken up trying to deal with that confusion and loss," Lyndie Greenwood told EW.

She also hinted at new monsters debuting in the show. "There are some really awesome new monsters coming up in the second half of the season. Some really scary ones and some old faithfuls as well."

The Weeping Lady made her mark on the residence of Sleepy Hollow.

Posted by Sleepy Hollow on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The show's Facebook page has also hinted at the arrival of a mysterious God in the premiere episode and it is not clear whether he will bring help for the trio as it was mentioned that there will be "face-off" between them.

Will Team Witness face off against a god tonight when Sleepy Hollow returns?

Posted by Sleepy Hollow on Friday, February 5, 2016

"When something like this happens, it's a real gut check. You really find out what you're made of and what you're committed to," showrunner Clifton Campbell told TVLine. He also said: "Ichabod, Jenny and Joe will deal with their loss in a different way, and all three of them give us nice examples of how they're processing what's happened, what they feel they can and cannot do about it, and how they go about that."

The official synopsis of the episode reads: Following Abbie's huge sacrifice, Crane and Jennie find themselves at a loss. In an effort to save Abbie, Crane forms an unlikely partnership and Jenny confronts a former foe.