The royal tour of Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George may have come to an end but the craze for the tour's pictures has not.

The royal family returned from their 19-day official visit of New Zealand and Australia last week.

Hundreds of photos of William and Kate from the tour flooded media publications during their visit.

While Kate Middleton's dresses were definitely the tour's highlight, it was Prince George who stole the show every time he made an appearance during the royal tour.

It was for the first time since his birth in July, that the future heir was so publicly visible and photographed for such a long time. There are now several admirable moods of the little prince captured on lens. But his mum has one as her favourite.

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed her favourite picture of her nine-month-old son from the royal tour.

The photo was taken during Prince George's first royal engagement at his play date at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand.

The iconic shot taken by photographer Simon Woolf beautifully captures a mother-son bond and shows a content George hugging his mum. In the photograph, Prince George secretly smiles as he rests on Kate's shoulder.

"She [Kate] said it was just lovely and that it was her favorite photo of the tour," Woolf told reporters, according to US Weekly. He said the Duchess also took a black-and-white version of the photo before leaving New Zealand.

Woolf was also supposed to take an official family portrait of William, Kate and George on that day but had to cancel the schedule due to George's sleeping time.

"There was a bit of a plan for a family photo but it fell to pieces because they allowed George to sleep for an extra half-hour," he said.

The Duchess had earlier revealed that it took three days for little George to get over his jet lag following his 30-hour flight to Wellington.