Snoop Dogg has revealed that he dreams to go on a dinner date with The Queen someday.

While the American rapper is best known for performing on the big stage and his love for marijuana, he is ready to step into the kitchen for her majesty, revealing to Daily Star what he plans to cook for her if he ever gets an invite to have dinner with her.

Speaking to the publication, the California native said that he will be preparing meals featuring tuna tartare and chocolate brownies.

"It would be Snoop's honour to come and cook for Her Majesty and her family," the 46-year-old singer said.

Snoop also revealed the special dish he will make for The Queen, saying, "I know how to do a great tuna tartare as an appetiser. My speciality entrée is a fish dish that I like to call Baked Doggfather of Sole."

Snoop plans to finish the dinner with brownies, but has hinted at not lacing the brownies with marijuana as he does not want to get banned from the country again.

"But as this is The Queen we're talking about, the only thing that will be going inside these brownies will be chocolate. I don't want to get banned from the UK again!" he said.

Snoop was banned from entering the UK in 2006 following a brawl with British Airways staff, who stopped him and his crew from entering the airport's first class lounge. He was not allowed back in the country until 2010. He was also banned from entering Norway for two years after he was busted carrying eight grams of marijuana in 2012.

Snoop has had his share of controversies, but he has cleaned up his act. Once in rival rapper factions, Snoop joined Puff Daddy (real name Sean John Combs) for a lavish Thanksgiving meal on Thursday (23 November).

Puff Daddy took to social media to share a photo of him with Snoop from their time together at the festivities.

"Got my brother @snoopdogg with me!! It's about to be a gorgeous #Thanksgiving night!!!" Puff Daddy wrote alongside the photo he shared with his fans on Instagram.

Got my brother @snoopdogg with me!! It’s about to be a gorgeous #Thanksgiving night!!!

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