There is macabre news about the to-be-released film - Snow White and the Huntsman. Apparently the film's director, Rupert Sanders, used his blood as prop for one of the scenes!

The incident happened when the crew was shooting for the scene where Snow White's mother pricks her finger and her blood falls on the white snow. Sanders was initially using fake blood but declared himself unhappy with the effect.

"We were shooting the drops of blood at a very high frame rate and the fake blood just looked like raspberry jam. So I asked if there was any pig's blood and was told 'we don't use that any more' so I snuck round the corner and someone drew 50cc of my blood and I handed that to the prop guys. It was a real race because it was congealing under the lights, but we got it in the end and the blood looks like real blood," Sanders told the BBC.

The film stars Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth in the lead roles and will release on 30 May, in the UK. The plot revolves around the fable of Snow White and the evil queen. However, in this version, the queen sends a hunter - Hemsworth - to kill her but he ends up protecting her instead.

The film is Sanders' first attempt at feature films. His earlier credits include a number of commercials - including those for Nike and the Halo video game franchise, as well as short films like Book of Eli: Passenger and How to Destroy Angels.

Meanwhile, Theron, who plays the role of the evil queen, admitted she hated saying the iconic line: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

"I just dreaded it. We worked so hard to really find a foundation to ground the story emotionally in reality, and that was, for me, the only part that was kind of a throwback. In a way it's like, 'My name is Bond, James Bond,' something that is so ... How do you do that in a way that people aren't like, 'Meh?' And they decided to make me shoot that on my first day so I was just sweating bullets. I hated it, I hated it," Theron told British radio station Magic 105.4.