floor plan of studio flat
The floor plan of the flat shows the bed (top left) with sofa below it. easyroommate.com

An advert posted to easyroommate.com is asking for a woman to share a room with a 34-year-old man who "kinda need[s] help with the rent and stuff". The room-share is in a studio flat in Kensington and would cost the renter £434 a month.

As well as a double bed, the room has a sofa that "can be converted into a double sofa-bed by purchasing and fitting the 'add-on' sofa-bed mechanism". Though the advert says that the flat is "not really suitable for those who are of a claustrophobic disposition" but is "cosy".

The only criteria under the 'Ideal Flatmates' section is "female". In explanation, the room's current occupier says "Although the idea of starring in my own 'Men behaving badly' sitcom might seem somewhat fun and enticing at first, I shan't be entertaining this thought, as my current lifestyle is not really suited to this type of scenario at the moment...Soz."

The advert was originally posted on August 6th and according to LBC, 51 people have contacted the poster.