Fans of Sofia Vergara are just coming out with accusations that Ellen DeGeneres mocked the actress' accent many times on her show amid an ongoing investigation into complaints of racism and bullying experienced by staff on the set.

The "Modern Family" star has appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" countless times over the years. During her visits, the show host always made it a point to talk about how she speaks English with an accent. At the time, fans did not think much about it and considered it a comic sketch.

However, given the increasing number of complaints about DeGeneres being mean and disrespectful to her staff, fans of Vergara feel that these jokes were mean after all. The Columbian-American actress did not even look very pleased.

One Twitter user compiled Vergara's appearances on the show in one video which highlighted the many times the 62-year-old "Finding Dory" star made fun of her accent. She added the caption "Ellen is so racist" along with the clip.

Ellen is so racist

— kayla ミ☆ (@ruefilms) August 12, 2020

The video showed DeGeneres telling Vergara that her English "has gotten worse" and not better even though she has starred on "Modern Family" for a decade. She also told her during another guest appearance with Reese Witherspoon that her English has gotten better because she can now understand her. Then again DeGeneres mocked how the "Hot Pursuit" star said "gifts" when she talked about how she spent her holidays.

"Thinking abt how Ellen treated Sofia Vergara when she was on her show that actually made me so upset," read one tweet.

"How does @SofiaVergara stand Ellen all these years making fun of her accent? I think her accent is beautiful. Always been a fan of her," another fan wrote.

Meanwhile, one fan shared a scene from "Modern Family" which shows Vergara's character, Gloria, complaining about having to translate everything in her head before she says them. This was the actress speaking from experience.

@TheEllenShow owes Sofia Vergara an apology. I can’t even finish watching the video of Ellen mocking and making fun of her accent without getting flashbacks from when this used to happen to me. So upsetting

— KingNoctis ✨♥️ (@KingNoctisXV) August 16, 2020

DeGeneres supposedly owes Vergara an apology for the many times she mocked her thick accent on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." There is no telling what the actress really thinks of the show host. She is not among the celebrities who have shared their support for the comedian.

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara fans accused Ellen DeGeneres of mocking the actress accent on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni