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Sons of Anarchy

While Sons of Anarchy Season 7 will premiere only in September, series creator Kurt Sutter recently hinted towards a new character making an appearance.

According to Sutter, the upcoming season may feature rocker Marilyn Manson, reports The Epoch Times.

Sutter told fans via Twitter earlier this month that Manson may guest in the last season of the show as a heroin addict.

'Riding the dragon' is a term used to describe heroin addicts.

Music from Manson has been used on the show before. The rocker most recently appeared on HBO'S Eastbound & Down.

Reportedly, Robert Brown, Marcus Alvarez, and August Marks will return in season 7 of the show.

Sutter also recently spoke about the seventh season being the final one for Sons of Anarchy telling Larry King of OraTV that "you have to know" when to end it.

"And I love the fact that people hate that it's ending, and they want more," he said.

The director/ producer's next show titled Bastard Executioner is about a medieval executioner, and takes place in 14th century in the UK. He is currently scouting for locations in the United Kingdom. He disclosed that his wife Katey Segal will likely be cast in the show.