Sons of Anarchy fans may not have to wait long to get the good news about a spin-off series of the cult biker drama that ended after seven popular seasons on FX.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming drama will narrate the life of the members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, an Oakland-based biker gang who played an important role in the original series.

In SOA, the Mayans, led by Marcus Álvarez, were a rival California motorcycle club, comprising mostly Mexican-Americans. The group was involved in the heroin distribution business. Sutter, whose next project is the medieval drama The Bastard Executioner, is yet to make the announcement.

EW reports that the much-hyped series may feature the Mayans running heroin factories and involved in prostitution.

At Comic Con this year, the show creator hinted at a prequel to SOA. However, he also mentioned that he is completely occupied with TBX and would like to take break for few years before doing another Sons sequel or prequel.

Sutter is currently looking for a showrunner to develop the Mayans' story for the SOA spin-off while he focuses on The Bastard Executioner, which premieres on 15 September this year.