Brutal video footage of a naked black man being beaten by South African police has emerged.

In the film, Western Cape Police strip, hit and kick a man in broad daylight on a road in Kensington, Cape Town.

The footage, shot from a window overlooking the scene, shows two police officers holding the man while other officers strip him.

The policemen hit and kick him; at one stage an officer kicks the man in the groin and repeatedly punch him in the stomach.

The reason for the man's arrest remain unclear.

Opposition Democratic Alliance MP Dianne Kohler said: "What was even more disturbing is that police aggressively manhandled, pushed, choked, punched and kicked him repeatedly.

"People living in South Africa are tired of living in fear of both criminals and a handful of thuggish police officers."

The South African Police Twitter account said:

Last month, a South African police officer was arrested on charges of rape and corruption.