After North Korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb, South Korea has responded by turning on its mountains of speakers to once again blast propaganda across the border. The broadcasts had stopped in August after a deal to defuse growing tensions was brokered between the two nations.

As well as international news and comments against authoritarianism, the speakers will be carrying some of the biggest contemporary K-Pop hits. The broadcasts restarted at noon local time on 8 January with the band BigBang's K-Pop dance hit, Bang Bang Bang.

Another hit on the playlist was the more cutesy-pop of Gfriend and their song Me Gustas Tu. Gfriend rose to international infamy after a video of their members falling on stage eight times during one song went viral.

Representing the older generations, 52-year-old Lee Ae-ran joined the list with her surprise hit A Centennial Life – a song about living to 100 years old – which took its chorus from a famous Korean folk song.

It's reported that the speakers can carry the music 10km past the border. North Korea sometimes attempts to drown out the South's speakers with its own but is relatively unsuccessful. Another band that made the cut were girl-group APink with their pop hit Just Let Us Love.

There has not been an official response from North Korea but observers say the resuming broadcasts are likely to anger the authorities in the communist country. Another K-pop personality on the list is singer-songwriter and actress, IU.

An earthquake was felt this week in North Korea as a result of what authorities in the country said was their first underground test of a hydrogen bomb.