A Valencia man has been arrested after he lured women with secret agent roles in return for sexual favours from them.

The 56-year-old man convinced many women that he was a secret agent by showing them military footage, a large collection of sophisticated electronic gadgets and assorted weapons.

The accused reportedly told the women that they would be recruited into secret agencies in return for their sexual favours. The fake operative is also believed to have asked for money and jewellery from his trainees.

Following their recruitment into his programme, the man gave the women rigorous training through various stages to become top secret agents.

He made sure the women did not speak about his escapades outside the training facility. He had also promised his trainees that their monthly salary would be €1,900 (£1,630).

Spanish authorities began an investigation in July when reports about the fake undercover cop surfaced. A woman, 45, has also been detained for aiding the accused, according to Spain's EFE news agency. It is unclear how many women have allegedly been deceived by the duo.

The two have been charged with attempted sexual assault, impersonating police officers, fraud and blackmail.