Spanish police have launched a manhunt after the bodies of two women were found dumped by a river after being burnt in quicklime. The bodies of Laura del Hoyo, 24, and Marina Okarynska, 26, were found near the Huécar river, close to the town of Palomera, six days after they were last seen in the central Spanish town of Cuenca.

The bodies were found with severe burns to their body caused by the chemical quicklime, also known as calcium oxide. Police are awaiting the results of the post-mortems to determine how they died, but sources suggested they "had not been killed using a firearm".

Police are now wanting to speak to Sergio Morate, the ex-boyfriend of Okarynska who is believed to be the last person to have seen the two women alive. It is reported the women went to the homes of Morate to collect some personal items after he and Okarynska broke up in July.

Morate, 30, who has previously been convicted kidnapping and sexually assaulting another former girlfriend, is reported have spoken about wanting to head to a country that did not have an extradition treaty with Spain, police sources told Spanish newspaper el Mundo.

Police believe Morate may have fled to Italy in a Green Seat Ibiza, registration 1062 CPF, reported The Local.