Millions of employees across Britain dragged themselves out of bed and went back to work as the Christmas holiday period came to an unfortunate end.

Thankfully those up early today still have New Years to look forward to, and with only three working days left, surely everyone has enough festive cheer to get them through to the end of the week, right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Thousands of grouchy Brits took to Twitter to voice their unhappiness about being back in the office. Snow and other terrible weather conditions added to commuters' angst as they came to terms with the end of the festive period.

Here is just some of the best #backtowork reaction on social media:

Of course not everyone is up and about today - those who had the foresight to book time off will enjoy lie-ins until the end of the month.

Admit it, if you were still in bed you'd be feeling smug too.

Getting out of bed is harder for some people more than others.

And some people's jobs are just a lot harder than others.

Annoyingly, some actually enjoy being at their desks again. Here is some helpful advice to help get you through the day