If you've just had your lunch then this might not be for you: 200 baby huntsman spiders crawling all over their mother – and each other – as they come out for a drink in their cage at owner Amy Donovan's house in Australia.

The clan are only three weeks old but already sufficiently built to strike fear into the hearts of arachnophobes the world over.

Their giant mum, named Mrs Flufferbum, is perfectly healthy but does not move from her eggs, glued to one another in a protective silk underneath her body.

Her babies are feeding off an absorbing diet of fruit flies and pinhead crickets while drinking from a thin mist of water that Donovan, who goes by the Instagram name 'Wannabe Entomologist', has sprayed into their enclosure.

Donovan, 44, uploaded the video on Wednesday 26 July. She told MailOnline: "I just gave their cage a spray of water because it's important for them to stay hydrated."

The American moved to Australia in adulthood and fell in love with the country's deadly insects and spiders. She now has a "bug room" dedicated to her unusual pets.

'I've always liked nature and everything, coming to Australia you guys have some really amazing huge insects and I just think spiders are beautiful,' she said.

Huntsman spiders are venomous but not deadly to humans and generally non-aggressive – although they will bite if they feel threatened. They diet on insects.

Baby huntsman spiders
Huntsman spider Mrs Flufferbum and some of her many offspring instagram / wannabe_entomologst

Donovan, Mrs Flufferbum and her brood live together in Queensland, in the north east of Australia. Earlier this week, another Queensland couple were busy preparing dinner when they encountered a giant huntsman spider crawling up the side of their home.