People across the US are being called to stand up in defence of the Standing Rock Sioux after President Donald Trump signed an executive order advancing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

The order on the DAPL was signed by the president on his fourth day in office, ending speculation about what Trump's presidency meant for the future of the pipeline.

And following news of his intentions for the DAPL, protesters sprung into action, ready to oppose any further work on the project.

In a statement posted to its Facebook page, No DAPL shared a statement from Standing Rock's Tribal Leadership, which said: "We are putting a call out immediately for allies and people to stand up where they are, mass #CivilDisobedience as a showing of solidarity for standing rock, the fire exists within them and now is the time to let them reignite."

It added: "The heart of standing rock beats everywhere, the fire has been taken by 10,000 potential organizers nationwide and we need you to hit the ground immediately. Demand people Divest from big banks and help us Defund DAPL! We are the revolution and the resistance continues."

The Standing Rock Sioux also shred a tweet, stating they would be taking legal action against the decision to advance the pipeline.

Also shared on the group's page was a message from Linda Black Elf of the Medic Healer Council, stating: "The Trump administration's decision to push forward with KXL and DAPL is disheartening but expected in light of the months of militarised oppression that Standing Rock and the NoDAPL movement has faced, even under a progressive president.

"We will continue to stand with Water Protectors locally and globally in the intersectional fight for our waters, our lands, and our people.

"The Medic Healer Council remains committed to protecting the protectors. We call on this administration to stop permitting and perpetuating this systemic violence against us and those who stand with us. We call on our relations to join us in our stand with the Water Protectors and against DAPL."

After Trump won the presidential election, concerns were raised over his financial relation to the company building the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners.

The president's 2016 federal disclosure forms showed that he owned between $15,000 and $50,000 (£12,000-£40,000) in stock in the company which is building the pipeline, as well as stock in Phillips 66, which has a 25% share of Dakota Access.

Trump's pick for Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, sits on the board of Energy Transfer Partners.