Star Wars 7 trailer premiere where to watch
The much awaited final trailer of The Force Awakens again missed Luke Skywalker Lucasfilm

Post the release of the final trailer of Star Wars 7, fans went berserk as Luke Skywalker was totally missing from the official teaser and poster. The Jedi master was so badly missed by his loyal fans that a wild theory started trending on social media suggesting that Luke had fallen into the Dark Force. Many are assuming that Kylo Ren is none other than the son of Darth Vader in episode VII of the space opera.

JJ Abrams, the director of the seventh instalment of the popular franchise, on the other hand, has said that Luke's absence from the trailer is 'no accident'. With Abrams's confirmation, it is safe to assume that this is a master plan by Disney/Lucasfilm to keep the curiosity among fans intact until the movie's premiere.

The marketing team of the highly anticipated movie has hit the bull's eye with the final trailer provoking multiple questions from fans. They are sure to try coming up with logical answers to these questions until the movie premieres. Disney went a step ahead and teased fans with a photo of Mark Hamill in light brown Jedi robes, suggesting that he may not turn dark after all.

However, the trickiest question of all is whether Kylo Ren is the alter ego of Luke, although many loyal fans of the movie franchise think it is not possible. "Luke being mad with power, a hermit, or secretly Kylo Ren. We know he's not Kylo. He may be a bit crazed by exile but do we know he will be restricted to the Skellig Michael set for the entire movie," one fan wrote on Reddit pointing at the Jedi Master's self-exile theory.

Another fan points out Luke's strong personality in the Return Of The Jedi where even the powerful Palpatine could not influence him to turn to the Dark Side. "He entirely rejects the Dark Side's influence after the greatest Dark Side manipulator in the galaxy couldn't budge him. Seriously, as powerful as Palpatine was (godlike) his greatest ability was manipulating the force through his influence. Luke denied Palpatine, and he embraced the Light at the end of the trilogy. How insanely dumb would it be to say over the 30 years after he just turned evil from some X Factor messing with him. That would entirely diminish Luke's arch in the original trilogy to serve a "shock factor,"" the fan wrote.

Star Wars 7 will premiere on 17 December in the UK, a day before its US premiere. Tickets are available for pre-orders.