Star Wars 7 fans are eagerly waiting for the first full length trailer of The Force Awakens, which is rumoured to premiere at Star Wars Celebrations in Anaheim, California.

The official Twitter handle of the blockbuster franchise has also teased that something really big is likely to unfold at the three-day event, which begins on 16 April.

Earlier, Collider had reported that trailer of JJ Abrams' highly anticipated sequel could release with The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is scheduled to premiere on 1 May this year.

But now, editor in chief of Collider, Steven Weintraub has tweeted that the trailer of Star Wars 7 will be released at Anaheim festival.

This could be true, as Disney may want to overcome the embarrassment of a leaked trailer of the Lucas Film's space action thriller, going viral online. The leaked clip has poor picture and sound quality.

Click here to read the leaked trailer description of the upcoming full-fledged trailer that may feature Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

The first official trailer of Star Wars 7 can be watched on the official Star Wars website. The event starts at 10am PST on 16 April and will stream until the closing ceremony on 19 April.