Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking box office records, all thanks to its powerful script and the perfect cast ensemble. The movie introduced new characters who fought the bad forces at the front with guidance from the old lead casts.

The following article contains spoilers for The Force Awakens

The seventh instalment of the highly-popular space thriller franchise introduced the three major characters of Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. Daisy Ridley's character of a lone space scavenger on desert planet Jakku has emerged as the hero of the J.J.Abrams directed movie as she becomes the biggest troublemaker, for Kylo Ren discovers that she is Force sensitive.

She fights the dark side all through the movie with Finn's help but nothing is revealed about her family. This has led to numerous fan theories surfacing on the internet suggesting who possibly can be her parents and if they will be revealed in the eight instalment of the space action thriller.

Slash Films suspects that there can be three possibilities of Rey's identity. The upcoming movie may reveal Luke Skywalker as her father or she may also be the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa as she inherited the Force. The website speculated about another weird possibility of Ridley's character as the daughter of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Entertainment website Comicbook reported that the space scavenger's real identity has already been revealed by Disney Infinity Game. The website claims that at 20:30 in the footage of a video that has surfaced online, Kylo Ren shouts at Rey saying: "Face me, cousin!"

It also suspects that Episode VIII will reveal Luke as Rey's father and Ren as the son of Han Solo and Leia.

Although the plot possibilities sounds amazing, it is not yet clear how Disney and Episode 8 writer and director Rian Johnson are planning to frame the script.