Copies of Steve Jobs' biography.
Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs" biography is 'just the first or second draft' Reuters

The author of Steve Jobs' biography has announced that the book may be added to in the future and that the current edition is "not the final draft".

Walter Isaacson released the 630-page book documenting the life of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs October 24, just weeks after Jobs died.

Speaking at an event in San Francisco, Isaacson said: "This is the first or second draft. It's not the final draft," as reported by Fortune, whose senior editor at large, Adam Lashinsky, moderated the event.

Fortune reports: "The author discussed potential plans for expanding the already 630-page book in the future. One possibility is doing an extensively annotated version. Another is writing an addendum that addresses the period surrounding Jobs' death.

Isaacson also spoke about the thinking that went into the book's cover design. "All of the signature Jobs touches are there," Fortune said. "A sleek iPod-white body, minimalist design and even the Mac's signature font."

The Jobs biography was named Amazon's best-selling book of 2011 and the website's best-selling new release of the year for combined print and digital sale. Both of these achievements are even more incredible given that the book only went on sale on October 24.