A former actress has alleged that Steven Seagal raped her at a wrap party for the film ‘On Deadly Ground,’ in 1993. Reuters

A former actress has alleged that Steven Seagal raped her at a wrap party, where she was the only other guest, for the film 'On Deadly Ground,' in 1993.

Regina Simons claimed that the 65-year-old actor sexually assaulted her on his bed saying his behaviour "very predatory, very aggressive and traumatising".

Simons, who had worked as an extra on the film, said she was surprised that she was the only guest invited to the party and said she remembers staring at a photo of Seagal's wife in the room.

The claims were made during an interview conducted on on NBC's Megyn Kelly Today that aired on Friday (26 January).

Seagal has not yet responded to the accusations, which would have taken place when Simons was just 18-years-old.

Simons claimed the Michigan-born martial arts expert undressed her and assaulted her at a Beverly Hills home while he was married to ex-wife and actress Kelly LeBrock.

Simons said Seagal told her that he wanted to "show her something" and took her into a bedroom, closed the door and began kissing her.

She told Kelly: "Before I knew it, he was on top of me and I couldn't move." She says she froze and "felt like I left my body."

"I know I was crying. I know there were tears coming down my face. There was no anything from him to even see if I was OK," Simons continued.

During the alleged assault, Simons said she remembers seeing a photo of Seagal and "the lady from 'Weird Science,'" referring to LeBrock, who starred in the film.

Simons said she reported her allegations to Beverly Hills, California police, and the force confirmed that they had received the complaints on the Today show.

Dutch former model Faviola Dadis, who claimed Seagal groped her during a 2002 audition, joined Simons in telling TheWrap they both filed reports about the actor to the force.

Seagal has not commented on either of their claims.

Australian actress Portia de Rossi has also accused Seagal of sexual misconduct saying on Twitter, that the Under Siege star unzipped his pants in front of her years ago during an audition.