Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood
Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood will revolve around Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez as they try to pursue their Hollywood dreams VH1

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have left Atlanta and are now settling down in Los Angeles to chase their dreams of making it big in Hollywood . The Love and Hip Hop spin-off show will document the couple's personal and professional lives as they embark on their new journey.

The trailer of the new show hints at impending trouble in paradise for the couple. The synopsis of the premiere episode suggests that not all is well between the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess and her Grammy award winning songwriter husband.

The synopsis of episode 1 of Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood reads as follows: "Stevie J is executive producer of his new movie and Joseline wants to star in it."

Click here to watch the first episode live online. In the premiere episode, the Grammy-award winning producer will be seen in LA working on his upcoming film. But little does he know that his wife (and co-star) has flown to catch up with him.

The promo shows the couple at a pool party in LA, where Joseline is trying to embarrass her husband in front of all the guests. Referring to a model/actress she says, "I'm sure she doesn't have to audition. She auditioned so good for my husband behind closed doors."

"Actually I only met him a couple minutes ago," the woman replies. "I know but there's a bathroom and a pool and a home back there. It only takes him two minutes. That's all," the 29-year-old Love And Hip Hop star tells the guest who is visibly "uncomfortable". "It don't take me two minutes. I don't know who you're used to," the father-of-five claims.

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In the last few episodes of LHHA season 4, the 44-year-old record producer and manager asked his ex-girlfriend Mimi Faust to move along with him to LA so that he can stay close to his daughter Eva.

"My life is on track. I want to be nice to all my family, I want all my family around. So would you consider bringing you and baby," he told Faust during one of their conversations on the popular VH1 show. However, she chose to stay away from him and Joseline as she did not want to create a rift between the couple.

"Moving to LA will be great for MF management and will be awesome for Eva to be close to her father. But what am not going to do is to deal with Stevie and Joseline on a daily basis. That is not a great selling point for me," she told cameras in one of the Love and Hip Hop season 4 episodes.

Stevie J And Joseline Go Hollywood will premiere on 25 January on VH1.