Things have been quiet lately with "Stranger Things" season 4, as production continues in Atlanta, Georgia. But executive producer Shawn Levy and actor Joe Keery can guarantee ]that the Netflix series is going to be worth the wait.

Fans are still anticipating any exciting announcement about the show, especially on its release date, ever since that first teaser was released back in February 2020. It has been a long wait, to say the least, and the COVID-19 pandemic made the wait even longer.

But there is one thing that fans can look forward to when the show returns, and that it would be on a grand scale. Levy said that "Stranger Things" season 4 is "wildly more epic than the first three."

"Every time I open my mouth it gets me in trouble," he initially joked when ET's Rachel Smith caught up with him and Keery at the New York premiere of "Free Guy" on Tuesday.

"The reason it has taken a minute is, yes, COVID -- COVID protocols that keep us safe but have slowed us down -- but also, it is by far the most ambitious, epic, globe-spanning plot we have ever done," Levy added.

Meanwhile, Keery shared that he has just wrapped up filming his scenes so they are getting close. "We are still going but we are getting there," he said as he assured that whatever they have done with the season is "going to be worth the wait." The actor reprises his role as Steve Harrington in "Stranger Things" season 4.

He also talked about how much he loves doing the series because of the people that he works with. It is something that he looks "forward to going back and seeing everybody and being presented with a new challenge each year."

"When you get to read the scripts and see what's kind of in store for you, it's, you know, I'll never have another experience like it," he explained, as she admitted that he will "be sad when it's over."

Levy previously teased that fans can expect "a little taste of something" within the next ten days. He did not say if this will be another teaser or the announcement of the release date for "Stranger Things" season 4.

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