Ahead of the release of "Stranger Things" Season 4, sources have confirmed that the American mentioned in Season 3 is male. He may not be Jim Hopper though, as teased by writers of the Netflix series.

Russian fans translated the Russian soldiers' murmurings at the post-credits scene in Season 3 and revealed that the guards used the male version of the word "American," when they talked about their captive. However, the question remains; who is behind the locked door?

Fans hoped that Jim Hopper ended up in a Russian prison even though he was presumed dead in an explosion in Season 3. But then the creators, The Duffer Brothers, refused to give even a hint about Chief Hopper's fate in "Stranger Things "Season 4.

David Harbour, who plays the character, even called on the showrunners during an appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" to ask them about what happened to Hopper. According to Metro UK, they merely replied, "I mean, we're still figuring it out, David."

The "American" may not be Chief Hopper. Matthew Modie hinted at his return in "Stranger Things" Season 4 as the American. The actor plays Dr. Martin Brenner, a.k.a. Eleven's Papa. He last portrayed the character in Season 1, and was also presumed dead from a Demogorgon's attack.

However, the actor said that Brenner's body was never found and the same goes for Hopper. This could mean that they are both alive. This possibility has brought about all kinds of assumptions and fans just want to get at least a confirmation, so they asked the writers for some spoilers.

@strangerwriters can you spoil anything of s4 with emojis? I dare you.

— Lu. (@itslunaxxx) October 21, 2019

so, i think that means this:
👀: us watching the new season
😟: us bc of the season
🤡: us bc we thought that will can be happy in this season and get a boyfriend, hopper was alive, robin get a girlfriend and max was happy (finally)
😈: you bc you fooled us

— ori ʟᴏᴠᴇs ʙᴇɴ ᴀɴᴅ sᴀᴅɪᴇ (@softsinkhardy) October 22, 2019

Out of the four guesses, the writers revealed that only one is correct. Their answer only worried the fans more about Hopper being dead after all in "Stranger Things" Season 4.

one of these is correct

— Stranger Writers 😈 (@strangerwriters) October 22, 2019

Harbour may have also fuelled rumours that Hopper is dead when he shaved off his character's signature beard. The actor got rid of all his facial hair, which made fans worry that he is not returning, especially since filming for the series has already started.

Needless to say, fans will have to wait and see who the American is: if he is Martin Brenner or Jim Hopper, when "Stranger Things" Season 4 arrives on Netflix.

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