"Stranger Things" Season 4 may feature another monster-related catastrophe if the audition tape of actress Debbie Wood is anything to go by.

Wood shared her audition tapes for the Netflix series on social media and in one of the videos, she can be heard talking about disturbances at school. In the clip, she is seen telling off a student named Robert.

"Robert you can't just throw supplies in the closet like this. It looks like a tornado went through here... I don't need excuses clean this up," Wood said in the video shared by Capital FM.

She then mentions something about "weird noises" coming from the classrooms. She tells Robert that he is needed on the floors above.

"Oh, they need your help up on three. Something about some weird noises coming through the ceiling above some of the rooms," she continued.

Wood has not appeared in the past seasons of the series, either because she did not make the cut or this audition is for "Stranger Things" Season 4, according to the publication. Although, a look at the list of cast members for the series revealed someone else named Doris appeared in Season 2 Episode 3, but was portrayed by Suzanne Jordan Roush ("Logan Lucky," "Ozark").

It is unlikely though, that Wood's audition is for the upcoming season since fans take it that "Stranger Things" Season 4 will not be set in Hawkins. The teaser trailer clearly said, "We're not in Hawkins anymore." The spooky trailer had fans believing that the installment will greatly feature the Upside Down.

we're not in hawkins anymore pic.twitter.com/Y4hayuPKvu

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) September 30, 2019

Meanwhile, there are others who think that time travel will be involved during a rescue mission to save Chief Jim Hopper. Likewise, fans think that Russia will be one of the location settings given how Season 3 ended. It ended with a tease at an American held captive by Russian soldiers.

Regardless, Season 3 ended with most of the major characters still in Hawkins. Only Eleven and the Byers family moved out of town. The gang is practically still in Hawkins, so it is anyone's guess if there will be any more supernatural events that will take place in Hawkins in "Stranger Things" Season 4.

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