Millie Bobby Brown has a few things she wants to see happen to Eleven in "Stranger Things" including a wedding.

The English actress, who plays Eleven in the Netflix show, stressed the importance of Eleven's happiness. She said that the super-powered human has been through a lot in the past seasons. She needs a break from all the worry and stress and just be happy.

"Oh my God, she's been through so much, I just hope she's happy," Brown said during a Zoom interview with Glamour UK.

Eleven has certainly been through so many ups and downs beginning from the first season. She experienced betrayal from her so-called "Papa," lost her powers in Season 3, fell in love with Mike, and cried over Jim Hopper's death (although he is still alive). The young girl saw terrible things and did a few bad ones too.

"I always say to the Duffers, 'Can she just not smile like in one take?' I would love her story to be rounded off by like a good ending," Brown continued.

As for her love life, the 16-year-old UNICEF Ambassador noted that Eleven loves Mike so much that she wants them to end up together. She wants to see them get married.

"That's what I need. I need a wedding scene for Stranger Things, period," Brown said and jokingly added, "Eleven in a wedding dress and her going, 'Sorry, my nose is bleeding. It's a white dress.' Doesn't it just seem like it would fit."

No matter the outcome of Eleven's story in "Stranger Things," the "Enola Holmes" star said she trusts the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, with their plans for her character. She said she trusts them "so much that it's going to be beautiful" and that she is "going to love it no matter what it is."

Brown pointed out that she wants Eleven to get her powers back. Fans may remember that she lost her powers in "Stranger Things" Season 3 after The Upside Down monster bit her leg. The actress said she wants them back because she views Eleven as a "hero, she is like a super woman in a way."

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