For those who tuned in to the Capcom Pro Tour's final major tournament -- the North American Regional Finals – the event was full of surprises. Despite being the favoured player to win, Victor "Punk" Woodley ended up losing to Du "KnuckleDu" Dang. It was a hard-fought match that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. What came after likewise had the same effect as game producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage for a special announcement. Fans were already expecting a character reveal and Capcom delivered with the arrival of Gill alongside the announcement for "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition."

Gill might be a new fighter in this installment, but he is a familiar face for veteran players who played the "Street Fighter III" and its succeeding updates. He was a boss character and therefore a non-playable except for certain versions. His inclusion in "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition" marks the first time he is selectable and tournament-legal. As such, EventHubs was able to compile information about how players can properly use him in matches.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition comes out for the PS4 and PC in February 2020, but Gill will be available as a DLC add-on next month. Capcom notes that he has 1,000 vitality and 1,000 stun. Gamers were apparently expecting to see him with lower numbers. Given that he is no longer a boss character, his health and stun stats match that of his brother Urien.

Aside from keeping some of his attacks and special moves from "Street Fighter III: Third Strike," he flaunts a Retribution mechanic. Each time Gill hits an opponent with his elemental attacks it can cause a debuff wherein another attack of an opposing element will enhance certain moves. This creates more combo potential for players and makes him an interesting character to play with.

The next interesting feature is his second V-Skill, which is called Blocking. It is basically an enhanced version of Ryu's first V-Skill Mind's Eye, which can negate any attack, but recovers a bit faster. Skilled players will be able to launch a counterattack in certain scenarios. The developers will be revealing more about Gill probably right after the 2019 Capcom Cup tournament in December.

'Street Fighter V: Champion Edition' introduces Gill
"Street Fighter V: Champion Edition" releases in February 2020 but Capcom will add Gill as an add-on DLC next month. Photo: Capcom