Right wing commentator and Donald Trump ally, Alex Jones, has launched a bizarre anti-Semitic rant against Obamacare and Uber. The 42-year-old radio and TV host has boasted of his support from Trump, who has tweeted Jones's work at least twice.

Trump has appeared on Jones's show, called Info Wars, in December 2015, to put down Hillary Clinton over her claim she was shot at in Bosnia. Jones, a renowned conspiracy theorist, has previously made documentaries about 9/11 and the Illuminati.

But his latest conspiracy alludes to a malignant "Jewish mafia" operating in the US, controlling everything from Uber to Obamacare. Jones explained his ideas on his Info Wars show on YouTube.

He said: "I was thinking, they're always trying to claim that if I talk about world government and corruption I'm anti-Semitic, there's mafias of all different stripes and groups but since you want to talk about it, the Emanuels are Jewish mafia. So there you go.

"But, I mean it's not that Jews are bad, it's just they are the head of the Jewish mafia in the United States. They run Uber, they run the health care, they're going to scam you, they're going to hurt you."

The Emanuels are three successful Jewish brothers: Ari, who was once a talent agent that inspired the Entourage TV series and now owns the UFC; Ezekiel, a Harvard professor who advises the White House, and Rahm, who is the Democrat Mayor of Chicago.

Jones added: "I'm not against Jews, but at a certain point, when you people call you out, I've been called out in hundreds of newspapers in the last month, as being anti-Semitic, because I talk about a global, corporate, combine."

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Centre told Vox that Jones is the primary producer of conspiracy theories in America today.

"It's absolutely amazing that Trump would validate Alex Jones by going on his show," Potok told the news outlet.

Despite his claim that his words are not anti-Semitic, many Jews might feel differently. Jones has in the past targeted 'liberals' and once helped design a T-shirt seen at a Trump rally earlier this year depicting Bill Clinton's head and the word 'rape' in the same style as the famous Obama 'hope' T-shirt.

In 2013 Jones was branded the "worst person I have ever interviewed" by BBC presenter Andrew Neil, after the host repeatedly shouted throughout a TV interview.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones from Infowars.com speaks during a rally in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, US on 18 July 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson