Suits season 5 spoilers USA Network

The much-awaited Suits season 5 premiere is just round the corner and fans are eager to see how the first episode's storyline sets the stage for the rest of the season.

Spoilers and the premiere episode preview tease that things between Harvey, Donna and Louis are only going to get more and more complicated. But, understandably, the most affected will be Harvey. According to TV Line, "Harvey is reeling so severely from the loss of Donna in the June 24 season premiere that he seeks out a therapist."

Donna becomes Louis' secretary but matters will only get worse as Louis does not trust her and believes that her loyalties continue to lie with Harvey - who she will eventually return to. The TV Line report states that Louis almost "ruins his new partnership with Donna."

The synopsis for the second episode of season 5 titled Compensation (airs on 1 July) is going to give fans some further insight into what Harvey decides to do. The description also teases what other characters are up to and the introduction of a new partner:

"Harvey searches for a replacement for Donna. Mike takes a case as a favour, which he must justify to Jessica – while Rachel's father, Robert Zane, offers some unsolicited advice about Rachel's engagement to Mike. And Louis is embroiled in surprising money matters, while an up-and-coming partner, Jack, makes his presence known to Jessica, confronting her about whether Harvey's way of doing business is beneficial to the firm," reads the episode 2 synopsis.

In an interview posted on Screen Rant, actress Gina Torres (who plays Jessica) mentioned that her character will step up if the company is put on the line.

"You'll get to see Jessica come down on Harvey because she doesn't stop being who she is, which is, first and foremost - the head of this firm," Torres said. "If you're putting my firm in jeopardy, then something's gotta happen."

Suits season 5 premieres on 24 June at 9pm ET on USA Network.