Suits season 5 will delve directly into the aftermath of the season 4 finale USA Network

Suits season 5 premiere is just round the corner and going by the recently released synopsis, looks like episode 1 will delve directly into the aftermath of the season 4 finale. Fans should brace themselves to watch Harvey and Donna go through more troubled times.

According to the official synopsis for Suits season 5, episode 1 titled Denial, Harvey's work is impacted by changes around the office while Donna adjusts to working for Louis - who's convinced that she will eventually return to Harvey.

During a recent interview with TV Fanatic, actress Sarah Rafferty teased that things aren't about to get "rosy" for Donna any time soon.

The show's executive producer Aaron Korsh explained to TV Guide, in an earlier interview, how things are going to be challenging for Harvey and Donna as they face the outcome of their complicated past.

"I think [Harvey] does appreciate her on certain levels," Korsh said. "He's very good to her. It's a complicated situation. If you were to look at it like a break-up, when it happens, you go through different phases of getting through it."

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel must decide how and when to share their big news; and an up-and-coming partner confronts Jessica about Harvey's way of doing business, states the synopsis.

Suits season 5, episode 1 airs on Wednesday (24 June 2015) on USA Network.