Can Pearson Specter Litt survive without Jessica? Will Mike Ross join the firm to help Harvey and Louis? All these questions will be addressed in the winter premiere of Suits season 6 which airs this Wednesday (25 January) at 10pm EST on USA Network.

Episode 11 is titled, She's Gone, which will pick up immediately after the midseason cliffhanger, which left PSL in the hands of managing partners Harvey Specter and Louis Litt and their effort to keep their struggling firm afloat.

A promo for the episode released by E! Online shows Harvey asking Mike to join PSL yet again, but the former lawyer is less than interested. Fans remember that Harvey already offered the Mike a job in episode 10.

Mike tells Harvey, "As easy as it would be for me to just come back and pick up right where we left off, I can't look myself in the mirror if all I'm doing is going back to corporate law."

The official synopsis for the midseason premiere reads as follows:

Harvey, Louis and Donna plan for the future, after Jessica's departure from PSL. Mike discovers the perils of life as an ex-convict. And Rachel considers her options for life after law school.

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Patrick J. Adams who plays Mike in the show spoke to E! Online about the decision made in the episode. He explained, "I think he's really soul-searching, you know? He's taking a difficult road. Obviously, the easiest thing for him to do would be to stand by his friend Harvey and for them to sort of do what they've always done, which is go at it as this sort of fearsome twosome."

Adams explained that Mike wants to do something different with his life following his prison's stint in first half of season 6. The actor said, "Financially, it would be obviously much easier to stick it out with Harvey and just be some small part of these cases that he used to be a bigger part of, but I think this whole experience for Mike, from the trial where he realized that he'd been wasting a significant talent and not really doing what he had fully set out to do, which was help people who couldn't help themselves [and] by going to prison and serving the time and paying the price of the crime that you've committed for so long and seeing the way it affects the people that he loves, he's adamant that he do something different with his life."