Suits season 6 episode 11
Suits season 6 episode 11 Suits season 6 episode 11 USA Network

It is the TV series return the world has been waiting for, and it may have garnered a zealous new fan-base since the news of Prince Harry's relationship broke in 2016.

You guessed it, paralegal US drama Suits is set to return with Episode 11 of Season 6 on 25 January – and showrunner Aaron Korsh has teased a few upcoming plot twists and turns to entice and excite viewers ahead of its launch.

The show's favourite characters, Harvey Louis, Donna, Mike and Rachel are back with a bang and share the new responsibility of putting the firm back on track now that Jessica Pearson has swiftly exited.

According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Patrick J Adams (Mike Ross) directed the winter premiere episode and has shared his filming experience.

He said: "The episode itself was a blast to direct," but also noted Jessica Pearson actress Gina Torres' absence from the set, adding: "She's been a part of our family for so long. While I think it's good for the show to have something like that — a kick in the pants, something dramatic that affects all of the characters really dramatically — it's really hard to lose a member of your family like that."

A familiar face will also be welcomed back in the Suits Season 6 winter premiere with the return of Katrina Bennett. Her comeback is linked to the loss of Jessica, according to Korsh, and she now works for Robert Zane – who used to work for the PSL firm. We are already waiting for her to cause a fresh stir.

As some fans may expect, a lot of eyes will be on Meghan Markle's character – Prince Harry's girlfriend of six months – as she reprises her role as Rachel Zane. Her character will be at the centre of a new plot twist as she gets a new job offer, from her father, Robert Zane. Rachel finds herself in a new dilemma; should she leave the PSL firm to go and work for her own flesh and blood? Viewers will undoubtedly anticipate her decision.

Elsewhere in Season 6, Harvey and Louis will have the help of work colleague Donna to get the firm back into shape. Korsh claims to TV Line that she will be there for Harvey during the difficult time and that she will eventually get her own storyline.

The Manhattan-set drama, which has already been renewed for Season 7, will return on USA Network at 10pm on Wednesday (25 January).

Only FIVE DAYS until Rachel returns. Will she and Mike finally tie the knot?

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