Sunderland boss David Moyes has been formally charged by the Football Association over his "slap" comments aimed at female BBC reporter Vicki Sparks in the aftermath of a goalless draw with Burnley on 18 March.

Moyes was caught giving the controversial response during a post-match interview, after Sparks asked whether the rare appearance of Sunderland owner Ellis Short at the Stadium of Light during the game meant his future was at risk.

"You're just getting a wee bit naughty at the end there so just watch yourself," Moyes replied. "You still might get a slap even though you're a woman. Careful the next time you come in."

The former Manchester United boss made an apology days later following calls for his head by supporters, saying he "profoundly regrets" the comments.

"In the heat of the moment, I made a mistake in my comment to a BBC reporter which I profoundly regret. I was disappointed with myself for it. I subsequently phoned the reporter and apologised, which she accepted. It's not my character, it's not my type, as most people know. Once again, I apologised for it," Moyes said in a press conference ahead of the Premier League trip to Leicester. "I think people who know me would say what I'm about. In the heat of the moment, I used the wrong words."

Despite Moyes' apology, the FA has still decided to charge the Sunderland boss and he has until 6pm on 3 May to reply.

A brief statement from the FA read: "David Moyes has been charged in relation to comments made after the game against Burnley on 18 March 2017."

"It is alleged the Sunderland manager's remarks were improper and/or threatening and/or brought the game into disrepute, contrary to FA Rule E3(1).

He has until 6pm on 3 May 2017 to reply to the charge."