A woman dangles from the 14th floor of The Mark condominium building in San Diego
A woman dangles from the 14th floor of The Mark condominium building in San Diego (YouTube)

Movie stuntmen saved a woman's life as she threatened to leap from a 14<sup>th-floor balcony in a San Diego high-rise block, according to police reports.

The stuntmen for the Kick-Ass 2 superhero film were on a lift across the street when they spotted the woman dangling from The Mark condominium building in San Diego.

The woman was initially thought to be part of a publicity campaign for the movie as she was wearing green shorts, the colour of a distinctive costume worn by a character in Kick-Ass.

Before police arrived at the scene, the stuntmen used some harness rigging and scaled a security fence at the 33-storey building.

"We raced upstairs, crashed into the room and I sneaked up behind her," said Gregg Sargeant, owner and stunt coordinator for Los Angeles-based Stunts 911 - Action Sequence Technologies.

"She was hanging by her two arms and I grabbed her. My two guys came in and roped her up. She was crying, upset, pretty out of it."

Sargeant said the woman collapsed in his arms, and the crowd that had gathered below broke into cheers.

He said many people had been hollering "Don't jump" while he and stunt crewmen Scott Schecter and Amus Carver raced to reach the woman. Police had blocked the road to keep the crowd back.

Asked whether he felt like a superhero for the rescue, Sargeant said, "Not at all. It's what we do every day for stunts. It happened so fast and we just responded. When police came, we left. Everybody's OK - that's the important thing."

The San Diego Police Department told the Los Angeles Times: "The call came in as a jumper [a suicide attempt].

"A female hanging from a balcony. There was something thrown from the balcony and she was crying. After some negotiations, she was taken into custody."

Authorities said the woman would be taken to a county mental health facility.

Watch the drama unfold at a San Diego high rise