Three generations of the Crawford family have come together for a new JCPenny advertisement as part of the brand's Mother's Day campaign called Things My Mom Gave Me.

Featuring Cindy Crawford, her mother Jennifer and her 10-year-old daughter Kaia, the new advertisement video discusses how much they love each other.

"She's the best mom in the world. She's so nice, and I can actually hang out with her and have fun," Crawford's daughter Kia mentions in the advertisement video.

The 10-year-old earlier had a brief stint as the face of the luxury brand, Versace. Wearing highlights from the brand's Young Versace line that caters to children up to the age of 12, Kaia demonstrated that she not only inherited her mother's good looks but also the same confidence in front of the camera as her mother.

"I have so many fond memories of the times I spent with Gianni and Donatella. There is something so very special about the House of Versace," the Daily Mail quoted Cindy saying following the Versace shoot. She further added that the shoot was a "fantastic experience" for both Kaia and herself.

According to reports, Cindy received flak for encouraging her young daughter to pursue modelling, and she ended up releasing a statement saying she was "too young" for the life of modelling.

The current JCPenny advertisement is completely different from the Versace campaign in that it features all the three generations of Crawfords together.

Dressed in stylish oversized shirts and jeans, all the three Crawfords looked completely comfortable in front of the camera.

In the campaign video, Cindy talks about how her own mother gave her the best gift in the world - "unconditional love." She also revealed that the one thing she admires most about her mother is the "choice that she makes every day to see what's good in the world, what's good in her life and whats good in people, instead of focusing on the negatives."

Catch a glimpse of the three generations of Crawford beauties: