Supernatural season 10
Supernatural Actors Misha collins(Castiel), Jensen Ackles(Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki(Sam Winchester) and Mark Sheppard ( Crowley) The CW

Supernatural Season 10 was previewed to be the most difficult season for the Winchester brothers and the series is living up to it.

On Tuesday's episode of Supernatural, "Soul Survivor" Demon Dean was cured by Sam after some gruesome family arguments. But curing the merciless dean was relatively easy, which brings us to the question: Is Dean really cured?

The first two episodes of Season 10 largely focussed on Dean's demonic transformation as the older ruthless Winchester drank with his sidekick Crowley, took part in many bar fights and even danced to many karaoke songs.

However, the third and most recent episode of Supernatural Season 10 saw Sam handcuffing Dean to a chair inside a devil's trap, as he did everything he could to bring his big brother back by injecting him with human blood.

By the end of the episode, the trick worked, as Dean was back to his human self, at least for the time being.

As, Castiel pointed out, The Mark of Cain is still branded on him, which implies that he still has the potential to turn him into a ruthless killer at some point in the future.

Supernatural season 10
Sam and Dean will have a brutal argument in 'Soul Survivor' The CW

Jensen Ackels, who plays Dean, previewed on Dean's non-demonic state and the mark of Cain.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "Right now, it's less about how he was and what he was, and it's more about what he might possibly still be.

"He's still got the mark of Cain so he's still dealing with whatever adverse effects that's having on him. What those are have yet to be really defined, but it's the mystery of what those could be that is really haunting Dean right now. He's got the shakes. He's trying to live a cleaner life. He doesn't want to let down his guard or cloud his judgment."

In the next episode, "Paper Moon," of Supernatural, Kate the werewolf is back for a specific, thematic reason, said writer Adam Glass.

Glass told Tvline: "Her experience, as great Monster of the Week episodes always do, reflects basically where the boys are at emotionally right now. So it will be them looking at themselves in the mirror through Kate and what's happening in her experience."

Explaining the decision to revisit Lady Lycanthrope, Glass said that when viewers last saw Kate, in Season 8's 'Bitten', "It was like The Incredible Hulk, which was pretty cool, as she's walking off. And I think everybody in the writers room was like, 'What happened to Kate? What is her next move?' So the idea of bringing her back is just tremendous."

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