Supernatural season 12
Supernatural season 12 poster featuring Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley The CW

Castiel had a difficult season in Supernatural season 11 as he lost most of his powers and become a puppet at the hands of Lucifer, but things are sure going to change for the angel in season 12 of the longest running CW series.

Misha Collins who plays the character teased that Castiel will be "short tempered" and a "bit of a jerk" in the upcoming season, which premieres on 13 October at 9pm EST on The CW network. He told Entertainment Weekly that the angel is heading into season 12 "closer to full power than we have seen him, I would say, in years".

Although he still does not have his wings back, Collins said that his character is otherwise at full strength. "He's a little bit of a jerk," Collins said, adding that Castiel is also "short-tempered", this season. The 42-year-old actor stressed that fans do not need to worry about any lingering effects from being Lucifer's vessel in season 11.

He said that there are "no vestiges of Lucifer there, other than Castiel being left more pissed off than he was before".

Previously it was reported that Castiel will team up with King of Hell Crowley to find Lucifer, who is now using the body of rock star Rick Springfield, as his vessel. "Castiel and Crowley have kind of teamed up in season 12 and are working together," Collins told the publication.

Supernatural season 11
Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural season 11 The CW

Meanwhile, actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will return as the monster hunter brothers – Sam and Dean Winchester – as they take on a new challenge in season 12. After handling God and his sister Amara in season 11, the boys have to deal with the resurrection of their mother Mary (played by Samantha Smith) and the new threats posed by the Men of Letters.