Supernatural season 13
Sam and Dean in Supernatural season 13 poster The CW

CW's long-running demon-hunting drama Supernatural returns with its 13th season this Thursday (12 October) at 8pm EST on the CW Network. In the premiere episode tilted, Lost & Found, the Winchester brothers will be left to pick up the pieces after the death of Castiel and find a way to bring back Mary, who fell through the rip between worlds in the May finale.

The Winchester brothers will also be left to deal with the birth of Jack, and learn what his powers are. The official synopsis for the premiere episode reads as follows:

Season 13 begins exactly where we left off, with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) left to pick up the pieces after the loss of their mother, the demise of Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and the heartbreaking death of Castiel (Misha Collins). The birth of Jack (Alexander Calvert) leaves the Winchester brothers with differing opinions on how to deal with a Nephilim. After being dragged into the breach, Mary (Samantha Smith) must learn to survive Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and an apocalyptic world.

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Executive producer Andrew Dabb spoke to Variety about Sam and Dean's "alone" journey in season 13. "This will be the most alone Sam and Dean have been. They don't have Castiel, they don't have Crowley, they don't have Mom, they don't have Rowena. They have each other and this weird kid who could probably kill them if he wanted to," he said.

The brothers will also try to get to the bottom of how Jack can tap into his powers to re-open the rip between worlds, according to Dabb.

"Overall, the push for mom is the driving factor behind a lot of what our guys do and the melodrama between them in the first chunk of the season," Dabb said.

He warned viewers that the show will not focus too much on Mary and Lucifer. "We won't spend a lot of time with Mary and Lucifer in the apocalypse world, as we're still most focused, and our audience cares most about, following Sam and Dean."