News of Queen Elizabeth II testing positive for COVID-19 has her supporters worried given her age, while others also sent her well-wishes.

Buckingham Palace on Sunday announced that Her Majesty has contracted the virus, but she is thankfully only "experiencing mild cold-like symptoms." She is said to be fully jabbed and boosted with the COVID-19 vaccine and is expected to carry out "light duties over the coming week" from Windsor Castle where she currently resides.

Despite the assurances, supporters still shared their fears over her health given her problems as of late and her age. She may still be strong at 95 years old but they worry all the same. They took to social media to express their concerns.

One wrote, "I'm worried about her, she's 95. We are being told it's mild symptoms so I really hope she will be ok" and another tweeted, "Oh Dear. I'll be praying very hard for her. She's very tough, but age is not on her side. We can't lose Her Majesty to this insidious virus."

Meanwhile, others sent their prayers and wished her a speedy recovery from COVID-19. One supporter commented, "Bless our precious Queen, Lord keep her safe. We love and need her. Please keep us informed we're so worried with all the extra stress she's had to cope with."

Another chimed in, "I hope the Queen will be okay. I'm so worried for her, and wishing her the best, with lots of love."

Others thought Her Majesty's COVID-19 diagnosis is not a surprise given that her son Prince Charles had it first, followed by his wife Camilla. The Prince of Wales had met with his mother at Windsor Castle two days before he tested positive.

The Duchess of Cornwall had initially tested negative for COVID-19 and had even carried on with her public duties while her husband was in isolation. She tested positive on Valentine's Day, but it is believed that the couple has already recovered. As for Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace said that she is now isolated. She will also "continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines."

Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks during an audience where she met the incoming and outgoing Defence Service Secretaries at Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain, February 16, 2022. Steve Parsons/Pool via REUTERS Photo: Reuters / POOL