A large office-block explosion on Sunday evening (20 May 2016) rocked the southern Stockholm district of Enskede in Sweden, near to where the Eurovision Song Contest final is due to take place in the city in May.

The local.se website reported that the blast took place at a business premises located on the ground floor of an apartment block in the suburb, according to one eyewitness, who also described the explosion as "powerful". No individuals were said to be injured

The explosion took place nearby the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm where Sweden will host the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016.

Jonas Fröjmark, a duty supervisor for Stockholm's fire and rescue service, told TT news: "There wasn't anyone in the room and we don't have any casualties. The fire was severe when the emergency services arrived at the scene, but the flames were extinguished quickly."

Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter has reported that dozens residents in the apartment block left in the aftermath of the explosion. Fire crews quickly brought the fire under control, preventing the blaze from spreading to any adjacent rooms.