A Swedish doctor has been charged with drugging, kidnapping and repeatedly raping a woman who he held in captivity in a specially-built bunker in his home for nearly a week. The 38-year-old doctor allegedly drugged the woman using strawberries laced with Rohypnol in her Stockholm home, before taking her to the bunker and abusing her over the course of almost a week, according to investigators, Sweden's Aftonbladet tabloid reported.

The doctor is accused of intending to keep the woman incarcerated for years, and police believe he may have panned to kidnap other victims. The 60m sq bunker, hidden in a garage the doctor began building five years ago, is soundproofed and protected by heavy security doors with coded locks.

According to police reports it has a bathroom, kitchen and walled 'exercise yard' concealed from outside view.

"The purpose of the building has been to keep people incarcerated for an extended period without detection," according to a police report.

The man is accused of drugging the woman with chocolate-dipped strawberries last September, marking the leaves to indicate which was drugged. He then transported her to his car in a wheelchair, and drove her to the bunker outside Kristianstad, more than 300 miles south of the country's capital.

Prosecutors found rubber masks of an old man and an old woman at the property, which he may have used to disguise himself.

Masks found by police in the doctor\'s home, which prosecutors believe he may have used to disguise himself when kidnapping the woman

Over the course of a six days, he sedated the woman and repeatedly raped her, say prosecutors. He conducted STD tests on the victim in a laboratory at his place of work, which police believe indicated he intended to rape her without using protection.

After returning to her flat to collect some of her belongings, he found she had been reported missing to police. He then took the victim to a police station, forcing her to reassure them she was well. However when she was taken to one side by officers she related her ordeal and the man was arrested.

The doctor claims that he took the woman to police after realising that she was missed and suffering a crisis of conscience, according to his lawyer, Mari Schaub, Expressen reported. The doctor admits kidnapping and drugging the woman, but denies rape.