Malmo, Sweden
Bjorneborgsgatan in Malmo, Sweden
Representative image of flat in Malmo / a map of the area

Police in the Swedish city of Malmo are investigating whether an explosion in an apartment block may have been caused by dynamite. According to police events logs, a "strong detonation" was reported as occurring in the entrance and stairwell area of a residence on the Björneborgsgatan street.

Authorities said no-one had been injured in the explosion. Forensic technicians and bomb squads were on the scene, with technicians believing the explosion could have been dynamite. Translated in, officers told Sweden's TT news agency that the damage was "severe" and could have been fatal if anyone was in the area.

"A large stone went over a three-storey house on the other side of the courtyard and landed in a living room on the third floor of the building behind, about 80 metres from the site, so there has been a very strong detonation," one officer told the news service.

Residents were said to have heard the explosion around 1am on Friday 13 October. Malmo has been the centre of a wave of grenade attacks in Sweden, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven even calling part of 2015 "the summer of unrest".

Experts have said they think the grenades are mostly smuggled from the Balkans where they were left over from the region's bloody civil war, Quartz reported.

Malmo has also seen a number of violent incidents relating to its migrant communities. In June 2017, a Swedish Neo-Nazi attempted to drive his car into a crowd of demonstrating Iraqi refugees, though no-one was injured. A police investigator called it "a clear hate crime" at the time.