A Swiss retail giant Migros ,says it is in disbelief after an image of Hitler was accidentally posted on mini-cream container labels in what the company described as an, "unforgiveable incident," on Wednesday (22 October).

The company has so far recalled over 2,000 containers from the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

The news was first leaked after a man reportedly discovered a label carrying Hitler's image at a Swiss train station, and later sent the photo to the 20 Minutes newspaper.

Expecting a serene image of Swiss Alps, the man said he was in shock after seeing Hitler stare him back at him as he popped open a creamer to add to his morning coffee, reported The New York Times.

Some of the containers also carried the face of Mussolini.

A spokesman, Tristan Cerf, said on Wednesday that the company is horrified at the failure of its internal controls that failed to detect the images.

"I can't tell you how these labels got past our controls. Usually the labels have pleasant images like trains, landscapes and dogs — nothing polemic that can pose a problem," said Cerf.

But how did the images originate at Migros in the first place?

Cerf said the images of the dictator surfaced for a different project when its subsidiary and dairy manufacturer, ELSA, was requested to supply a few cream containers containing Hitler's image on vintage cigar labels.

Cerf insisted it was an isolated mistake and in no way reflected the country's social values.

"Whoever made this mistake was not thinking properly, as these aren't images accompanying a book about World War II, but rather something meant to be enjoyed with coffee and a chocolate cake.You cannot put Pol Pot or a terrorist on a milk creamer. It is unacceptable," said Cerf.